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Venice Film Festival: the 7 most extravagant outfits of 2019!

Waiting for the next red carpet, we decided to collect the most curious outfits of the last edition ...

Venice Film Festival: the 7 most extravagant outfits of 2019!

It is obvious that the Venice Film Festival is an international event: between the red carpet and the conference, journalists and enthusiasts from all over the world compete to get a front row seat. It is often a tempting occasion for stylists to dress celebrities and show new collections: it is a pity that the choices do not always turn out to be the most appropriate. Last year we saw some beautiful ones and, waiting for the next proposals, let's go over the most curious outfits...


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Violeta Mangrinan: the Spanish showgirl shows up on the red carpet with a dress with a dizzying neckline but not suitable for a similar context.

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Anna Safroncik in Alberta Ferretti: the Ukrainian actress (naturalized Italian!) wears a dress that certainly enhances her stunning physique but, even in this case, she has nothing elegant. Perhaps, the outfit was suitable for an evening in a trendy venue but certainly not for a red carpet ...

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Osvaldo Supino: the singer plays with a maxi skirt which, perhaps, is a bit ... too much

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Fotinì Peluso: the young actress shows off a look that is not suitable for her age which does not give her the freshness that one would expect ... too bad!

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Lady Gaga: the queen of excess could not fail to show off a unique look of its kind ... pity that, more than elegant, it seems a little lampshade...

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Elettra Lamborghini: too much.

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Stacy Martin: the French actress sports a decidedly original but perhaps too "old school" with her Chanel.

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