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A summer at the Venice Biennale: guided tours and activities for families and children

A story that speaks of the Biennale over the years and allows young and old to get lost in the historic spaces of one of the most famous events in the world.

A summer at the Venice Biennale: guided tours and activities for families and children

Starting today, Wednesday 15 July 2020, until 25 October 2020, free visits (but by reservation) and activities for young and old: the Biennale starts again and does it in style.

The guided visits

The Biennale exhibition venues will obviously be at the center of the guided tours, to discover the historical places of Exhibitions and International Exhibitions, however presented from an unprecedented point of view also linked to the urban context. Guided tours will be conducted in Italian and English (available on request, subject to availability, also in Spanish, French and German). The guided tours in the open air will lead visitors through the Biennale Gardens, the historic greenery and the permanent Pavilions, masterpieces of international architects. It will be possible to deepen the fascinating story of the Gardens also through specific activities dedicated to the different historical phases, with four distinct appointments to deepen the architectural, cultural and political aspects of the place, from the Belle Époque to the 1920s, from the extensions of the 1930s to the reconstruction and globalization. The guided tours of the Arsenale will go back to its current destination, thanks to recent renovations, nineteenth-century adaptations, Renaissance interventions, up to its mythical medieval foundation.

The exhibition "The Biennale at the Arsenale 1998/2020. Restoration and requalification interventions"

Within the guided tour of the Arsenale, from 15 July to 25 October, an exhibition will be held illustrating the interventions carried out by the Venice Biennale at the Arsenale. Access will take place upon compulsory reservation of the guided tour. Large photographic panels will be exhibited where you can see images of the spaces of the Arsenale of the South-East area in concession to the Biennale, before the works, during construction sites, after the completion of the restoration and redevelopment works. In fact, starting from 1998, the Biennale has conducted a large program of enhancement of the area with the aim of opening to the public the buildings, today used by the Foundation, for:

  • exhibition activities (the great international exhibitions of art and architecture)
  •  theater, music and dance activities (Artistic sector introduced with the 1998 statutory reform)
  •  artistic training and internship (Biennale College)
  •  logistics activities and public reception

The program for families

For the little ones and families, educational courses will be activated marked by a color that will define the corresponding theme. Through a series of walks in the open air, the Green Path will alternate to get in touch with the natural and landscape elements of the Gardens, the Blue Path, created in collaboration with CNR-ISMAR (National Research Council - Institute of Marine Sciences ) and CNR-IGG (Institute of Geosciences and Georesources), to immerse yourself in the history of Venice and observe the architectural structures, the earth and the water of the Arsenale, the Yellow Path to play on the relationship between architecture, body and movement and the Red Route that will propose suggestions of a sonorous character. Activities for families will be conducted in Italian.


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